2024 Soul Care Planner

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2024 Soul Care Planner

2024 Soul Care Planner

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The Soul Care Planner is a gorgeous hardcover planner that combines astrology + self-care for adding magic to your everyday planning.

Please read the entire listing, as the 2024 Soul Care Planner does contain errors.

✨Ready to add a little magic to your daily planning? Back for its fifth year, the Soul Care Planner is here to help you blend astrology and self-care seamlessly into your everyday life! Get in tune with the sun, moon, and seasons as you set intentions and make plans that nourish your soul.

🌙Ever wanted a planner that caters specifically to YOU instead of just filling up your to-do list? Well, this gorgeous hardcover gem not only keeps track of important astrological transits but gives you space for tracking your New Moon intention, reflecting on how you feel each day, and weekly soul care journal prompts.

🌱Made from recycled paper and designed to lay flat for easy note-taking, the Soul Care Planner offers plenty of room for doodling and jotting down ideas.

☀️Inside this magical book, you'll find everything you need for an enchanted year: 2024 soul goals, monthly & weekly goals + action steps, astrological themes and planetary transits, seasonal wheel of the year holidays (solstices and equinoxes), menstrual cycle tracking, and SO much more. ⠀⠀

🔮Do yourself a favor and grab your very own Soul Care Planner to start living your most empowered, connected, and magical year yet! Trust us, it's the perfect addition to any witchy or spiritual lifestyle.


The Soul Care Planner features:
*2024 soul goals
*2024 word of the year
*Monthly goals + intentions
*Weekly goals + action steps
*Weekly layout with the moon phase & signs, planetary ingresses, void moons, and holidays
*Monthly layout with moon phases, planetary ingresses, cycle tracking & major holidays
*Monthly astrological theme and planetary transits
*Weekly check-in pages with sun and moon movements
*Journal pages each week to track your New Moon intention
*Astrological details on each quarter moon
*Seasonal soul care prompts and reflections
*Void moons
*Planetary transits and ingresses
*Seasonal wheel of the year holidays (solstices and equinoxes)
*Menstrual cycle tracking
*Monthly astrological theme

*7 x 9 x 1 size, 342 page count
*120gsm weight FSC certified paper
*Northern Hemisphere Seasons
*Times listed in ET and PT
*2 ribbons to keep your place
*12 months from January 2024 - December 2024

Please note, errors were caught in the 2024 Soul Care Planner after printing, so you will receive a digital erratum along with your purchase.

 Some FAQ about the errors:

*Will there be another printing? No, the planners are printed at once. There won't be another printing.

*How many errors are in the planner? The errors make up less than 3% of the information in the planner, but out of an abundance of caution, we are telling folks about them. The biggest error is the month view for September begins on the incorrect date.

*What will I receive when I purchase the 2024 Soul Care Planner? The physical copy of the 2024 Soul Care Planner, along with a digital erratum that lists the errors. You'll also receive an invitation for a free year in the Soul Care Community, where the moon phases and transits are explored in-depth each week.

*Do you accept returns of the 2024 Soul Care Planner? Unfortunately, no. Because we are such a small business, we do not accept returns or exchanges.


Most orders are shipped within 2 - 3 business days.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews

Love this amazing 2024 planner.

Soulcare planner 2024

This is tough, because the framework of the planner is amazing, but the errors really affect this year’s copy. The webpage says they make up something like 3% of the planner, which doesn’t sound like a lot, but going through the entire planner and manually entering the corrections made it feel like a lot more than 3%. Some pages are even missing or in the wrong order. It’s too bad, because this product would be worth 5 stars otherwise. It should really be discounted more; $25 for a planner full of errors is pretty steep. This is my first year using an Astro planner and I’m a beginner to intermediate astrologer, so I thought would be ok with not having all the data exactly right, until I realized how important that is for understanding and following astrology! Regardless, I’m excited to be using the planner and I love the journal prompts and information it has. The layout is nice and it’s very beautiful. I understand that mistakes happen, but it’s disappointing. I would order a second copy in a heartbeat if they reprinted the corrected version. Unfortunately, it makes me hesitant to buy again next year.

Hi there! Thanks so much for your thoughtful review! We priced the planners are low as we could without losing money once we found the errors. That's also why we couldn't do a reprint - we'd lose money and wouldn't be able to print a 2025 planner. We're so grateful for our understanding customers who are willing to keep supporting us.


So excited to use this planner for 2024! It’s gorgeous and has a TON of information!

Jessica Falcon
Love the 2024 planner!

It’s even more beautiful in person. I love all the little details, like writing down a daily card pull, each transit, and plenty of room for my daily schedule. I love it, and I am so excited to use it! ♥️


Mia prints, but have been corrected via email, not her fault