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the stars are calling you

Hi, I'm Sara, your cosmic guide to finding your path through the forest of your soul. I believe that astrology is more than knowing what's coming our way; it's a tool for slowing down, aligning with the wheel of the year, and, most importantly, uncovering more about who we are.

align your heart + claim your power

Owls have been seen as messengers of wisdom throughout the ages.

Just like we only have the complete picture and understanding of the
situation in hindsight, we can only look back and see the pieces of
ourselves that we've lost after we've traveled down our road for some time. We come into this world whole and with knowledge of who we are. But we lose that knowledge over time as society and family mold and shape us. Our true life's goal, beyond the 9 to 5 and house with a picket fence, is to retrace our steps, align with our soul's true
desires, claim our power, and find our path.

find your path

Just like the little owl, we have the gift of hindsight. We can look back at our path, reflect and integrate, and then decide where we want to go from here. As your cosmic guide to finding your path through the forest of your soul, I'm here to guide you and give you all the tools you need to rediscover what you came into this world knowing: who you are.

Sara's Background + Education

· 2022: 60hr Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy Certificate from The Embody Lab
· 2021: Cultivate Trauma-informed training with Katie Kurtz
· 2020: Foundations in Meditation Certification
· 2020: Mindfulness Coaching Certification
· 2011: BA in Psychology from North Carolina State University


Magic is believing in yourself.

Magic is believing in yourself.