Soul Care Community

Come home to yourself.

The Soul Care Community is a free space for those who are craving a nurturing place that allows you to manifest your soul’s deepest desires.

You are tired of making to-do lists that never end and making resolutions that don’t stick. You’re ready to align to your goals in a new way, using the sun, moon, and stars.

You’re ready to be guided back home to yourself. Guided back to your own magic.


Join us as we weave astrology and magic into our everyday lives to find more ease and flow in our day.


Here you’ll learn more about the moon, stars, and ultimately yourself.


Membership Includes

As a member, you'll receive guidance on the astrology of each New and Full Moon, as well as access to beginner level astrology courses. There will be opportunities for live gatherings, as well as feedback from me about your personal birth chart.


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