Ready to design your own deck?

Sara McCormick, the astrologer behind Soul Care Astrology, not only designed and self-printed the Soul Care Oracle Deck, but also the now 5-year running Soul Care Planner, as well as five bestselling books.

After years of clients and fans wanting insight into how to create and self-publish an oracle deck, the Create Your Own Deck course was created.

But maybe you don't want to create your own deck, but instead want to hand it off to someone else? Or perhaps you'd have your deck created, but need help with printing or crowdfunding.

Create your deck with someone who has been in your shoes - overwhelmed with where to begin, all the options, and how to get this design that's in your head on to paper and in the hands of those who can use your magical insight.

  • Moonbeam

    You've got the artwork. You just need help with finding a printer and/or crowdfunding.

    Starts at $1,000.

  • Stardust

    You have some artwork, but need help with designing the cards themselves, along with perhaps the card box and guidebook, and printer and crowdfunding help.

    Starts at $7,000.

  • Sunburst

    You want someone else to help you with the entire thing: art, design, printing, and crowdfunding.

    Starts at $20,000.

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