Episode 32: Virgo Season Forecast 2022

Episode 32: Virgo Season Forecast 2022 - Bella deLuna

Virgo Season helps us clarify what we need to take with us.

Virgo Season marks the shift between Summer and Autumn. It is a mutable sign, meaning it guards the time as one season ends and another begins. We can use this Virgo energy over the next few weeks to discern what we need to move behind before the leaves begin their yearly descent. Listen to this week's episode to get all the details about the zodiac season ahead.

    • What Virgo Season is
    • How you might feel during Virgo Season and the lessons it holds
    • Mercury in Libra
    • New Moon in Virgo
    • That Saturn - Uranus square again
    • Venus in Virgo
    • Full Moon in Pisces


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