Episode 31: Void Moon Magic

Episode 31: Void Moon Magic - Bella deLuna

Void Moons are a cosmic snow day.

Do you miss snow days? I really miss those magical days when it would snow, the school would close, and I could stay at home. Often those days involved napping, some TV watching, and some time outside exploring the woods behind my parent’s house and looking for animal tracks in the snow.
Now when it snows, I still have to show up to work. There is no magical slow down or time out. Life goes on like normal.
But what if I told you that there was a cosmic snow day? A time when the stars supported us in our need to slow down, nurture ourselves, and hear the whispers of our wishes and dreams. Void Moons are these cosmic snow days. Listen to this week's episode to find out what I mean.

    • What Void Moons are
    • What Void Moons support
    • Actions that may not pan out during Void Moons
    • How Void Moons are my secret sauce to self-care


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