Episode 30: Leo Season Forecast 2022 - Bella deLuna

Episode 30: Leo Season Forecast 2022

Leo Season quickly turns up the heat this year.

Leo Season always comes with a fresh burst of energy, as we move out of the watery realm of Cancer Season into the fire of Leo Season, which is the heart of summer here in the Northern Hemisphere. This year, Leo Season is bringing the intensity, with August 1 being the peak of the heat. Listen to this week's episode to get all the details about the zodiac season ahead.

    • What Leo Season is
    • How you might feel during Leo Season and the lessons it holds
    • Mars in Gemini
    • Mars conjunct Uranus
    • How a lot of the astrology this month activates last year's Saturn square Uranus transit and what that means for us collectively
    • New Moon in Leo
    • Mercury in Virgo
    • Venus in Leo
    • Full Moon in Aquarius


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