Episode 20: Aries Season Forecast - Bella deLuna

Episode 20: Aries Season Forecast

Aries Season began on Saturday, bringing Spring with it.

In western astrology, Aries Season not only marks the beginning of Spring for the Northern Hemisphere, but it also marks the start of the astrological New Year. This is because Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, and like any new beginning, it comes with a rush of energy that has us wanting to go full speed ahead.

On this episode, we cover Aries Season and how it helps us channel our energy into new beginnings.
    • What Aries Season is
    • How you might feel during Aries Season and the lessons it holds
    • Mars and Venus in Pisces
    • Mercury in Aries and Taurus
    • New Moon in Aries
    • Full Moon in Libra

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