New Moon in Libra

New Moon in Libra

In this lunar cycle, our New Moon is on October 14 at 1:55 pm EDT.

In astrology, the New Moon is a time of new beginnings and wiping the slate clean. It's when you set your intention for the lunar cycle ahead and call into your life what you want - that could be a physical, tangible thing or something like more love, a joyful daily routine, or a deeper connection to your intuition.

This New Moon is a little different in that it's also a Solar Eclipse. A Solar Eclipse occurs when the Moon passes between the Sun and Earth, which partially or fully blocks the Sun's light.

Do you lose yourself in the maze of relationships or are you able to hold your ground? That's what this New Moon is asking you.

When the Moon is in Libra, our emotional focus turns to that of balance, especially as it pertains to relationships. The Moon in Libra can see all points of the argument, and can have trouble sticking to one side or the other because of it. We want everyone to be happy and if we're not careful, we'll fall into the trap of bending over backwards to try to make that happen.

Because we can get so wrapped up in everyone else's point of view and how they are feeling, it's a good time now to step back and evaluate how you're approaching the relationships in your life. Do you hold your boundaries? Do you respect the boundaries of others?

This eclipse is sitting right next to Mercury opposite Chiron, which can bring up our insecurities and wounds around communication and how we express ourselves. You may find yourself questioning your beliefs or have realizations around childhood moments that shaped how you communicate with others. These could be painful realizations that ultimately help you see what you no longer want to carry with you.


Some questions to ask yourself on this New Moon:

  • Do you honor your own boundaries and promises to yourself?
  • Where does the balance of give and take fall in your relationships?
  • Do you say what you think or hide behind people-pleasing habits?

Below is where you may be feeling this New Moon highlight something for you. These are written for your Rising Sign, but feel free to read your Sun and Moon sign as well (you can look up your Rising Sign here). 

♈Aries: Committed relationships (including business partners)

Taurus: Daily routines, your health, self-care

Gemini: Creativity, kids, romance, pleasure

Cancer: Home, family, all things domestic

Leo: Communications, community, siblings, neighbors

♍Virgo: Money, possessions, value (and self-value)

♎️ Libra: Appearance, self-identity, how you present to others

♏️Scorpio: Fears, self-undoing, secrets

♐️Sagittarius: Friends, networks, social circles

♑Capricorn: Career, ambitions, reputation

♒️Aquarius:  Travel, study, expansion of the mind & spirituality

♓️ Pisces:  Joint finances, debt, sex, transformation

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