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How to Use The Waning Moon to Let Go

The Waning Moon

When the moon is waning, it is decreasing in light (and moving towards the New Moon). As the moon darkens, now is the time to release whatever is stuck or stagnant. The release can be sad, as it can be difficult to release something that you had hoped would grow or be different. But this release makes room for something new and perhaps better. Releasing during the Waning Moon is preparation for the New Moon, which is time of new beginnings and fresh starts.

And with the Sun in Scorpio until November 22, right now is a wonderful time to let go. Scorpio rules all things deep and dark, including death and rebirth. One of the symbols of Scorpio is the phoenix, who dies and is reborn. Tap into that Scorpio energy by taking a good hard look at what you need to let go of, and allow yourself to fully release it to make room for the new.

Below are my favorite ways to let go during the Waning Moon.

Choose your favorite, or perhaps blend one or two of them together to create your own ritual.


tealight candles burning

Burn it

I love burning as a form of letting go because it is so visual, it helps seal the deal. For this and all of the rituals below, you'll want to set aside some quiet time, and center yourself beforehand with perhaps a short grounding meditation. You'll need a pen, paper, fireproof vessel, a lighter or match.

The first step is to write what you want to let go down on a piece of paper. Write it ALL down. Every feeling, every doubt, everything that sets your nerves alight with anger, or whatever it it is that you need to release. Write. It. Down.

Once you're done, you'll want to get a fireproof vessel (and be sure you're not near any smoke detectors, or perhaps go outside). I have a mini cauldron I use for this, but I've also used a bathroom sink in a pinch. Light the paper with lighter or match, and place it in your fireproof vessel. Watch and breathe as your paper burns, feeling your body relax at it releases the weight of what is burning.


Bury it

Similar to the ritual above, if you're unable to burn something, burying it is a good alternative (some folks even like to bury the paper they used after doing a burning ritual). Again you'll want to take the time to write everything out and get all your emotions down on paper. Once that's done, simply bury the paper, either in the ground outside, or you can use a pot of soil indoors. When you do bury your paper, take your time about it, slowly putting soil on the paper and be sure to watch the paper being covered up. The visual here is not only the burying, but also the decomposition of the paper under the earth, feeding the soil for the new growth to come.

rock thrown into ocean

Throw it

If you haven't noticed by now, I really believe in the visual component of a ritual. This ritual is one I go to when I've been hanging on to something for a long time and I need all the help I can get to let go. All you need for this ritual is a stone and a safe place.

First, pick a stone. Take your time with this, feeling out the stones and mindfully choosing one that resonates with you and what it is that you want to release. Take a marker and write (there's that writing again!) what is it that you want to release on the stone. Hold the stone and put all your emotions surrounding letting go into it. Now carry the stone with you. Everywhere you go, carry the stone. Do this at least for one day (but no longer than seven days). Every time the thing you want to release pops into your head, take out your stone and imagine putting those feelings and that situation into the stone. After your chosen time of carrying the stone, go to your safe place (a body of water is a bonus!). Hold your stone in your hand and take a few deep breaths. Say (out loud or to yourself) "I release this burden." Now throw your stone, watching the burden you've been carrying and all the emotions going with the stone.

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