Full Moon in Taurus

Full Moon in Taurus

In this lunar cycle, our Full Moon is on October 28 at 4:24 pm EDT.

Eclipses bring change, illuminate things we didn’t know about, and show us where we have work to do in order to grow and evolve. Lunar Eclipses occur on a Full Moon and are known for sweeping through our lives in order to push us to let go, release, and stop carrying around that old baggage.

Taurus asks us to slow down and remember to look around ourselves. This Full Moon gives us space to ground and feel a little more steady on our feet. Taurus knows the tortoise beat the hare for a reason and that a steady and sustained approach is our best bet at winning. This Full Moon will illuminate where you have been cutting corners and show you how to build a stable and sensual foundation to build on. There is a theme with this Full Moon about what is mine vs. what is yours, especially around resources and money. There can be scarcity thinking around not having enough resources or not having control over resources, so it’s best to slow down before making decisions.

This eclipse features Mars opposite Jupiter, a transit that can test our faith and patience. Mars wants to take action *right now* and Jupiter asks us to trust instead. Mars opposite Jupiter can bring out our desire to win, but we can also want to win at all costs and not think things through. This is especially true because we also have Mercury opposes Jupiter, which can encourage us to skip over the small details in favor of the big picture.

Look back to the end of November 2021 to see what themes were occurring in your life then. This eclipse is visiting those themes again to help close them out.


Some questions to ask yourself on this Full Moon:

  • What occurred for you around November 2021? How is this similar to what is coning up for you now?

  • What is coming up for you around the Taurus themes of money, being in your body, pleasure, and art?

  • How are you giving yourself space and time to rest and incorporate the lessons you’ve learned?


Below is where you may be feeling this Full Moon highlight something for you. If you do not know your Rising Sign, you can look it up here

♈Aries & Aries Rising

Illuminating your 2nd House of Values, this Full Moon is a fantastic time to set a budget or take a look at money matters. This could also be a time when a new job offer or career avenue opens up for you.

♉Taurus & Taurus Rising

This Full Moon is in your sign, highlighting you and your accomplishments. This is a time to really celebrate you! Whatever you've been working on behind the scenes, now is the time to share it.

♊Gemini & Gemini Rising

This Full Moon is in your 12th House of Spirituality, which can feel like a deep letting go but also encourages a wonderful connection to your intuition and spirituality. Give yourself time to rest before the Full Moon in your sign next month.

♋Cancer & Cancer Rising

Your 11th House of Communities is illuminated under the light of this Full Moon, bringing new opportunities your way to connect with friends and your larger community. What gifts can you bring to the table to help others shine their light?

♌Leo & Leo Rising

The spotlight is on your career, achievements, and ambitions now. A goal you've been working on since the New Moon in March is finally coming to fruition. What support do you need to make your dream a reality? Don't forget to let others help you cross the finish line.

♍Virgo & Virgo Rising

What adventures are calling your name? The horizons are opening up before you, and you're ready to explore them. Themes around learning, travel, teaching, or blazing your own trail can all come up for you around this Full Moon.

♎Libra & Libra Rising

You're no stranger to deep emotions, but this Full Moon is really putting the spotlight on your inner world. This could be a time when secrets are revealed, or deep wounds you thought you had moved past resurface for another look. Let those feelings flow.

♏Scorpio & Scorpio Rising

Your 7th house of relationships is getting the royal treatment under the rays of this Full Moon. Friendships and partnerships that need more TLC could become more obvious now, and you may feel called to make a commitment to help your relationships blossom.

♐Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising

Are you burning the candle at both ends? This Full Moon is here to tell you to knock it off. Your health and wellness are your priorities now, and you're ready to make a plan for the changes you want to see.

♑Capricorn & Capricorn Rising

Ready for your creative muse to come waltzing back into your life? This Full Moon lights up your 5th House of Creativity, and you're encouraged to follow your passion wherever it leads you - even to a new relationship!

♒Aquarius & Aquarius Rising

Home and family are on your mind now. Perhaps you're considering a move or thinking about the folks in your life that you consider family. Look to the foundations first and make sure whatever you're growing has a solid start.

♓Pisces & Pisces Rising

Email, text, or carrier pigeon, however you want to get the message out - now is the time. This Full Moon is helping you amplify your voice and carry your words of wisdom far and wide. Remember, your words hold power, so use them wisely.


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