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Aquarius Season: Connection, community and collaboration

For Aquarius Season (January 20 - February 17 for 2023) our focus shifts to long-term visions, dreams, and plans. Connection, community and collaboration.

Aquarius is the fixed air sign, right in the middle of Winter in the Northern Hemisphere. But even though fixed signs have a reputation for being stubborn, Aquarius is also unpredictable. This sign lives for innovation and invention, and is constantly trying new methods and testing them out.

Aquarius confuses some folks, because the image associated with it is that of the Water Bearer, and generally shows water being poured from a large vessel. You have to dig a little deeper here past the surface to see the meaning of this image. The Water Bearer isn’t just pouring out water, but also knowledge, as Aquarius has a deep desire to share knowledge and be of service to the local community and collective.

As an air sign, Aquarius very much can get lost in their own mental world, and because of this, they can have sensitive nervous systems. When the needs of the physical body are cast aside in order for the mind to work with the inspiration at hand, insomnia can creep in, as well as becoming emotionally detached and rebelling for the sake of it.

Aquarius rules the circulatory system, the blood, and energy that moves through your body. A key for Aquarius is moving the body to keep the blood moving, so energy doesn’t get stuck and stagnant. How can you get your body moving? What new routine do you want to try? How can you think outside of the box for going about your self-care and tending to your needs? Diving into these questions is where we’ll find the answers we seek during Aquarius season.


Curious what's in store for your zodiac sign this Aquarius Season? Read your rising sign below for insight.

This month, your focus shifts to your community and friends. Groups and gatherings are important to you now, and you feel social and lighthearted.

The next month is the best time of the year to move forward in your career. Recognition and responsibility go hand in hand as the Sun illuminates this part of your chart.

For the next month, adventure calls your name as you seek new experiences and more meaning in your life. Travel, education, learning new hobbies, and exploring your spirituality all attract your attention right now.

This is a time of deep transformation, as the sun highlights your sense of personal power. The next month is great for therapy, shadow work, and anything that helps clear the cobwebs out of the mental closet.

Your focus for this month turns to your more intimate relationships, both romantic and platonic. Boundaries and cooperation are highlighted now.

This is a time when your work/life balance may need evaluation, and you could find it beneficial to examine your daily routine for energy leaks. Weave self-care and wellness into your routine now and reap the benefits down the line.

After sticking close to home and nesting, you now want to stretch your legs and express yourself this month. Creative adventures take precedence now, and you’re encouraged to follow your spontaneity regarding play, pleasure, and creativity.

This month, your focus turns to your home and family and creating a safe, nurturing nest to retreat to. You desire to put down roots and feel a sense of belonging. Now is a time to go inward and nourish yourself.

This is a time perfect for making new connections, connecting with old friends, networking, and collaborating with others. Speaking up and using your voice has a stronger impact now, and you easily share your message.

This is when you focus on security, what helps you feel safe and comfortable, and what you value. If you set your mind to making a financial plan for the year ahead, you just might find that it pays off later.

This is a month where you gain a clearer understanding of who you are. You’re ready to move on from the past and discover new depths of yourself. This clarity helps you take spontaneous action toward the new and exciting to carve out your own path forward.

This is a month when you may feel like retreating from the world and spending time alone. Use this time to reflect on the year past, dream of the year ahead, and refill your energetic cup.


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