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3 Ways to Celebrate the Winter Solstice

The Winter Solstice occurs when we have our shorted day and longest night of the year. Many of us don't like the longer (and usually colder!) nights, but the darkness is what allows our light to shine. It is a time to pause and reflect. It is when mama earth is resting, and so should we.


Because the Winter Solstice is the longest night of the year, one of my favorite ways to honor it is with candlelight. You can even use flameless candles or use a glass cloche for some extra safety. You can adorn your home or sacred space with candles, letting their light encourage you to pause and reflect.


Dive deep into the darkness of the Winter Solstice and take a look at your own shadow, the part that you keep hidden away. What is your shadow trying to say? What is it encouraging you to release or let go of? Many of us feel the urge to go within and self-reflect during the winter months. Things slow down outside in nature during this time, and this change is also reflected in how we feel. We can use this time to look at ourselves and see what we'd like to change or let go of. The Great Work by Tiffany Lazic is a wonderful resource for this.


Back to the light and fire, the Winter Solstice this year occurs just a few days after the Last Quarter Moon, when the Moon is waning, which means the visible light of the moon is decreasing. During a waning moon, it is a good time to energetically release things that are no longer serving you or holding you back. You can tap into the magic of light during the longest night by having a fire releasing ceremony where you write down what you'd like to release on paper and then burn it in a fire (just be mindful of safety!).

Enjoy this Winter Solstice Meditation I created just for 2020.

Sara · Winter Solstice Meditation
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